forensic pathologists and their famous cases


Welcome to the first website examining the works and cases of the most famous forensic pathologists of modern history.

This site draws together information about the pathologists who became household names in the 'golden era' of forensic medicine, their famous cases, and their published works, beginning with Sir Bernard Spilsbury, Professor Keith Simpson and Francis Camps.








An interesting conference took place at the University of Manchester (UK) on June 11th and 12th - Forensic Culture in Interdisciplinary Perspective.

This conference addressed forensic medicine in a historical and cultural perspective, and included some world-renowed speakers. Read the Manchester University press release following the conference here ...



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the ballad of John Glaister


Oh, I am the marvel of Medical Ju.,

A fact which I hope to impress upon you,

And I never get flurried whatever I do,

For I'm the great Professor John Glaister-

Just bear that in mind and you're sure to get through.


The P.M.'s the place where I show forth my art

As I carefully carve each particular part,

And the copious notes which I take from the start

Can only be used to "refresh my memory,"

And in manner and style they're especially smart.

Extracts from Bloody Versicles. Goodman J 1993


Forensic medicine in western society. Watson KD.

This highly original book presents an overview of the history of forensic medicine in the West since the medieval period right up to the present day. Taking an international, comparative perspective on the changing nature of the relationship between medicine, law and society, it examines the growth of medico-legal ideas, institutions and practices in Britain, Europe and the United States.

Following a thematic structure within a broad chronological framework, the book explores topics which include the legal inheritance, the medicalisation of deviant behaviour, experts and expertise, and criminal responsibility. Including case studies and a further reading section, Katherine D. Watson presents a clear and vivid portrait of a topic which will be of interest to all students of the history of medicine, crime, and the law.

Buy this book here ...

medical jurisprudence/ forensic medicine

that branch of State medicine which treats of the application of medical knowledge to certain questions of civil and criminal law. The term 'medical jurisprudence', though sanctioned by long usage, is not really appropriate, since the subject is strictly a branch of medicine, rather than of jurisprudence; it does not properly include sanitation or hygiene, both this and medical jurisprudence being distinct branches of State medicine.

Encyclopedia Brittania Vol 18 p.30 (1911 Edition) For the rest of the entry, read here...


forensic defined


forensic [fəˈrɛnsɪk]


(Law) relating to, used in, or connected with a court of law forensic science

[from Latin forēnsis public, from forum]

forensicality  [fəˌrɛnsɪˈkælɪtɪ] n

forensically  adv

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